About us/Me

About us/me

We are here to work together and achieve your goals

DM4All was founded by Cynthia Gilbert in 2017, two years after she has attended a Master Degree in Digital Marketing and Direct at Pompeu Fabra. She has realised as soon as she started working in a marketing agency in Barcelona, that there were very few marketing agencies that cater for sole traders and small business

She notices also that there are still a lot of business out there that do not have a clue how to be on the digital market and to promote themselves online. Digital Marketing 4 All aim is to help all types of buiness from a small hairdresser to a photographer to be known in the digital world

An unique Digital Marketing Agency


As we are also a small buiness we understand our clients needs. We try our best to work with you for your success.DM4ALL is different for all other digital marketing agency. Our aim is to help you grow. We are here to help you to start marketing yourself digitally and achieve success. We listen to our clients and understand that digital marketing can be complex. We cover all the marketing tools from SEO to Instagram advertising, implementing a strategy to each one. DM4ALL will keep you informed of each process with with regular reports of its development. With our digital marketing experience, we will do our best to ensure your business generates the traffic, leads and conversions you desire


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